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Players Trip To Playtown

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There is a player named Shaun. He goes from country to country to find the best sex. He seeks his adventure in Germany and goes to a German town named Playtown. Supposedly, he heard that the best sex goes in this town, so he's eager to go.

Since prostitution is legal in Germany, he goes up to the counter and explains his "pimpin adventure." The clerk smiles and says, "You can only stay for 3 nights, and you can only pick 3 rooms out of 10. One room per night. But remember, don't go to Room Number 1. And when you are done, come on down and tell me about it." And with that, he gives Shaun the 10 keys.

Shaun goes to Room Number 9 and does that ho bad. The next morning he goes down and says that that was one of the best sex acts he has ever done. The clerk smiles and reminds him again to stay out of Room Number 1.

The next night, Shaun has a better ho and a better time in Room Number 3 then he did at Room Number 9. He goes back down and tells the clerk that he had so much fun and it felt so good he wants the same girl again. But the clerk said that one girl one time is enough. And he reminded Shaun that one night was left, and to stay out of Room Number 1.

Shaun walks down the hall and passes Room Number 1. He looks around and says, "What the hell, I already had the best sex I'll ever get." and with that, he walks into the room. He looks around, a typical hotel room. 2 beds, a bathroom, a closet and a desk. He then notices the hole in the wall with hair coming out. He says, "Ok, whatever" and he goes up and humps the hole.

The next morning, he goes in to turn in the keys and the clerk says, "....and...?" and Shaun says, "Oh, yeah, it was great...." and the clerk asks, "You didn't go to Room Number 1, did you?". Shaun says, "No I wasn't..." and then this guy stroking his big black beard said, ".....oh yes he diiiiiiiiid!"


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C55RV_Players Trip To Playtown

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