A "Good" Idea

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There was once this little girl who was playing in a box outside. It was extremely hot on this particular, so the little girl took off all her clothes and continued playing in the box. Fifteen minutes passed, when a mailman walked up to the little girl and gave her twenty-five dollars, telling her to go buy some clothes.

The girl ran into her house, jumping up and down. "Mommy! Mommy! The mailman just gave me twenty-five dollars for playing in a box naked!" The mother looked at the money in her daughter's hand before thinking to herself, "That's not a bad idea."

So the next day, the mother went outside, took off all her clothes, and started playing in the same box as her daugther. Fifteen minutes passed, when the same mailman walked up to her, and flicking a quarter at her. "Here's twenty-five cents. Go buy yourself a hair net!"


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