The top 10 most creative ways to get suspended.

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10)Kidnap a teacher. Force them to listen to a tape of themselves until they go insane.

9) Start a bonfire using all of the schools textbooks.

8) Go around your school claiming you are the result of a science experement gone horribly wrong. Then foam at the mouth. Watch the fun!!

7) Seize control of the PA system for one day. Let out the dark secrets of the administrators in the school.

6) Join the school newspaper and reveal the true mystery behind "Mystery meat."

5) Release Livestock into the building

4) Put Jello in all of the schools toilets.

3) Go up to the vice principal. Pat him on the back and say "It's ok. I promise I won't tell anyone that you used to be a woman." Then wink at him and walk away.

2) If you are taking a test, answer all the questions in a foriegn language. When the teacher asks about this, argue that there is no english requirement.

1) Pull the fire alarm during a tornado warning.


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C4ZPD_The top 10 most creative ways to get suspended.

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