Things to Do to Make You Seem Crazy

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1. Go up to a stranger and ask if they have any grey poupon.

2. Run around screaming, "I'm Superman! I'm Superman!" while wearing a leotard.

3. Start doing the chicken dance in the mall

4. Go up to a store clerk and stare at them and when they ask if they can help you say "well unless your a physiatrist then no." And walk away.

5. In the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping run around the neighbor hood screaming "WAKE UP AND PEE THE WORLDS ON FIRE!!!"

6. Go to school with your blanky, bear, pacifier wearing a diaper.

7. Go up to people in the mall and ask, "Are you my mommy???"

8. Do the Macarena on the roof of your car in your boxers.

9. Draw a spider web on your face and run around screaming "IM SPIDER MAN!!" and try to climb the wall.

10. Go up a stranger and say "meet Billy Bob" putting your arm around your invisible friend.

11. When the principal leaves the office take the PA system and make all types of farting, burping and gagging sounds.

12. Put a piece of Alka-Seltzer in your mouth and when it foams fall to the ground pretending to have a seizure and when there's a large crowd get up and walk away.

13. Go in a public bathroom stall and when you hear someone come in make noises that sound like your constipated.

14. Put a large fish down the back of your pants and scream, "I'M THE FISH MAN!!! I'M THE FISH MAN!!!" repeatedly.


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