George W. Bush at the Gates of Heaven

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Around the time of Picasso's death, he meets up Jesus at the Gates of Heaven. Jesus says, "Before we let you in, you must prove you are who you are." Picasso replies "Sure, no problem." Picasso, a great artist, paints the most beautiful self-portrait that Jesus has ever seen. "Come on in, Picasso!" replies Jesus.

Next is Albert Einstein, when he dies he meets up with Jesus at the gates of heaven and again the same task is asked of him. Einstein then shows Jesus his prove of the Theory of Relativity. Jesus agrees that it is indeed Einstein and let's him in.

Finally, George W. Bush dies and gets up to Jesus. Jesus asks him, "Please prove you are who you are." Bush replies, "How would I do that, I am the president, I am a very powerful man, or was at least." Jesus says, "Listen Bush, Picasso painted a picture and Einstein proved the Theory of Relativity. I am sure you could do something." Bush cluelessly replies, "Who the hell is Picasso and Einstein?" Jesus then says, "George W. Bush come on have proved yourself worthy!"


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C4YAN_George W. Bush at the Gates of Heaven

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