Budweiser Method

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These three guys are in a bar, giving women ratings on how beautiful she is on a scale from 1-10. They see a really pretty girl and decide on an 7. The bartender overhears their rating and tells them he'd only give her a three. "You're crazy," says one of the guys. The bartender simply replies, "I use the Budweiser method."

A few minutes later, an extremely gorgeous woman walks in the bar. The three men rate her a eight and a half. The bartender overhears them and tells them he'd only give her a four and a half. Again the men imply that he is crazy.

About 10 minutes later, A drop dead, knockout gorgeous girl with a perfect body enters the bar. The three men make an instant, unanimous decision of a 10 for her. Again the bartender overhears and tells them at best, the very best, he'd give her a 7. One of the men finally asks him what the Budweiser method is.

The bartender replies, "The Budweiser method is how many Clydesdales it take to pull me off of her.


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