Hare Spray

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A man is driving in his car down a long road, by a field. Suddenly, a hare (bunny rabbit) jumps out, and without being able to swerve that quickly, he un-avoidably runs over the innocent creature. He immediately pulls over to see the done damage. So distressed that he has killed the hare, he begins to cry...

Before he could even realize what had happened, a car had pulled up behind his, and out gets a gorgeous, 5'10", slender blonde. She quickly gets out and asks "What is the matter?" and he told her the story. She, without a single word, reached into her purse, pulls out a can, opens it, and sprays the bunny all over with it.

The man watches in awe, as the bunny jumps up on its feet, hops ten times, looks back, and waves, hops ten times, looks back, and waves, hops ten times, looks back, and waves... The hare continues this until out of sight! The man then asked the blonde "that's incredible!!! What on earth is that miracle potion?!?!"

The blonde gives him the can, it reads "Salon Selectives Hair Spray: Brings life back to dead hairs, adds bounce, and permanent wave, Instantly".


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