Doctor's Convention Year 00-01

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Every year the top doctors of all the nations meet at this huge convention. Yeah, there's short classes, etc. which they attend, but the real reason there always there is to "out do" each other. Well, this year at the convention, four doctors got to talking (bragging).

The doctor from China says "Yep, let me tell ya fellas..our country is so advanced...we can do a liver transplant, and have the person out looking for a job in a month!" and then not to be outdone, the doc. from Japan says...."Shew, that's nothin'...our country is so advanced, we can do a heart transplant..and have em' out lookin' for a job in 2 weeks!" and then, not to be outdone of course, the doctor from Russia says "Why that's nothing, our country is so advanced, we can do a liver transplant, AND a heart transplant..and have em' out looking for a job in a week!

And then the doctor from the USA, says "Why you all are pathetic...I've got ya all beat by a long shot! Our country is so advanced....we can take an asshole out of Texas, and put in the Whitehouse, and have the whole nation lookin' for a job the very next day!


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by emma l. 1+ years ago

And Alaskan plastic surgeons can take a horse's ass, give it a facelift and call it Sarah Palin.

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