Baptist Dog

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A couple wanted to buy a Baptist dog. They searched and searched until they found one. They asked the owner how they would know it was a Baptist dog. The owner turned to the dog and said, "Rev go get the Bible". The dog rean and got a Bible and brought it to the owner. The couple, amazed, said, "That was nice, but you can teach a dog to go get a certain book." The owner then looked back at the dog and said, "Rev turn to Psalms 3:10." The dog flipped open the Bible with his paw and turned to Pslams 3:10. The couple decided to buy the dog, telling the owner that this was indeed a Baptist dog.

A few days later, they were showing the dog to a family friend who stopped by to visit. The couple showed the friend the tricks the dog did with the Bible. The friend then said "That's nice, but can he do regular dog tricks?" The couple looked at the dog and said " Rev... Heal". The dog ran to the friend and put his paw on his head. The friend yelled "That dog is not a Baptist... he is a Pentecostal!"


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