New Boaters

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It was around noon time when a redneck family decided to take their brand new boat for a first time drive. They didn't want to go alone so they invited their neighbors. When the two couples arrived at the lake they carefully put the boat in the water. When they started to go they noticed the boat wouldn't move and it was making a loud roaring noise. No matter how much he pushed up on the throttle the boat still would not move. After about an hour of trying to figure out what was wrong the two couples idled over to a near by lake marina where they were for sure going to get help. They told them what was happening and asked if they could help. The boat mechanic checked the trim, that prop and all the instruments and nothing was wrong with them, so he decided to jump in the water and look under the boat. Within two seconds of him being under water he came up choking on water because he was laughing so hard. They asked him what was wrong and he said your boats still on the trailer.


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