Long and Pink

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"Today in class", said Mrs. Johnson the kindergarten teacher. "Were going to play a guessing game".

"Ok here we go, its a fruit, its yellow, and tastes good". Little Susie raised her hand. "its a lemon!" "No I'm sorry its a banana but I'm glad to se you're thinking"

"Next one, its red, a fruit, grows on trees ". "Its a ball, "No its a apple but I'm glad to see you're thinking".

Little Johnny stands up and says "I got one, ok it long and hard, has a pink tip and is in my pocket." "JOHNNY!" "That's inappropriate."

"It's a pencil but I'm glad to see you're thinking."


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by Ashley C. 1+ years ago

"Next one, its red, a fruit, grows on trees ". "Its a ball" I fear for that child's future, since when are balls a fruit that grow on trees.

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