Black Couples Costume

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A black couple were invited to a costume party. The man told the women to go out and get his costume.

When he came home, he saw the costume that his wife had bought laid out on the bed. It was a superman costume. Upon seeing this he yelled to his wife, "Superman? A superman comstume? Have you ever heard of a black superman? Go back and get me a new costume!" A little aggrivated, she goes to get his costume.

The next day the man returns home and sees his new costume on the bed. It was a batman costume. Apon seeing this, he yelled to his wife, "A batman costume? Have you ever heard of a black batman? Go and get me a new costume!" The wife, being furious, goes to get a new costume.

The husband returns home the next day to find a white belt, some white polka-spots, and a 2x4 of wood.

The husband, seeing this yells to his wife, "What are these for?" The wife replies, "Well, you can just wear the belt and be an oreo. If you don't like that then put on the polka-dots and go as a domino. And if you still don't like that, than shove the 2x4 up your butt and go as a fudgesickle!"


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C4S4U_Black Couples Costume

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