Drunken Bases in Symphony Performance

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There was this big performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony. At one point in this piece the bases have absolutely nothing to do for pages and pages, and it so happened there was a little tavern across the street from the concert hall. So, when they began their endless rests they quietly put down their instruments, and discreetly slipped out to get some drinks.

After a couple rounds one of the bases pointed out that perhaps they should go back so they wouldn't be late. Another base said, "No, don't worry. I took care of it! You see, I tied the end of the conductors music together, so when he gets close to the end he'll have to slow the tempo way down while he tries to untie it!" The others agree this is a good idea and order another round.

After the next round they head back to the concert hall and the conductor looks really angry! After all, it was the bottom of the 9th, the score was tied, and the bases were loaded!


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C4QUZ_Drunken Bases in Symphony Performance

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