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The Truth About Women

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Recently I received an e-mail that seriously made guys look like scum. Rather than reply with a pointless argumentation, I decided to provide my own "counter-poem", equally as biased and abusive but with a more humorous tone. So, for all you fem-nazis out there that take things like this way too seriously, just remember that this poem is in defense of my great gender. They always say the best defense is a good offense.

The Truth By: Trevor Jack

An epic battle, Is being fought. Will it ever end? I think not.

For it is a battle That no one can win. But, if one could win, It'd have to be the men.

Yes this is the battle Of sex versus sex. Who knows what plans, The females could take next?

They are so devious. Devious in every way. Plotting and scheming, Against poor men every day.

They'll walk up to you, And play mind games galore. And when they've got you confused, They'll play even more.

They'll ask trick questions, That force you to lie. "Do you think I'm fat?" Oh that poor guy.

What can he say? Tell her the truth? At the very least, He'd be loosing a tooth.

If they wanted the truth, They'd look in a mirror. They want you to say What THEY want to hear.

If you say any different, They'll go off and pout. "Is she upset?" Of this there's no doubt.

'Cause when girls get upset, They're sure to let you know. To lay on the guilt trip, So you feel really low.

But don't feel low, For you are not to blame. This is just another Female, mind game.

Then there's that question, "Is she prettier than me?" What does the guy say? "No she's just less ugly"

YES! She's Prettier! So stop playing this game! Even Linda Trip, Puts your face to shame!

Girl's are always using This famous line, "Well, you'll never get a girl friend." I'll give it time.

'Cause a girl is a desperate, Highly dependent soul. And getting a man Is her only goal.

Guys discuss various Topics of interest. Cars, sports, music, And occasionally; breasts.

For girls, there are 2 topics, Guys and Clothes. Obsessing over boy groups. Buying their CDs in droves.

So to sum this up_. Females stop bitchin' Put on that apron, AND GET IN THE KITCHEN!!


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by Cesar R. 1+ years ago

hella funny. 10/10

Reply to Cesar R.'s comment
C4QIN_The Truth About Women

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