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There was a very intelligent man named Peter. He lived in Wisdom Kindom. Wisdom Kingdom's King is called King Wisely. King Wisely was actually the kingdom's cleverest man but not until Peter came. King Wisely was furious but he did not want to drive Peter away as he thought if he drove him away, his people would also move away. So what king Wisely could do is to think up of hard riddles for Peter but each time he lets Peter solve his riddles, the riddles failed to make King Wisely the cleverest man in Wisdom Kingdom.

One day, King Wisely had put up a poster saying that there will be another riddle for Peter. The place was at King Wisely's garden. The next day, everyone was present at King Wisely's garden. King Wisely drew a ling across the garden. Then, he told Peter that if he could make the line shorter without erasing any of it. The people thought that this riddle would outsmart Peter but they were wrong. Peter did made the line shorter without erasing any part of it. How could he do so?

Answer: Peter drew another line longer than the first line below it. The line is shorter than the line Peter drew.


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