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The Clever Man

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There were once 3 men who lived in jail. One was rather stupid, one was a bit more clever, and one was the cleverest (the clever man). They were all guilty of their convicted crimes but decided to escape.

During the escape they had to cross one large field. The clever man crossed it by crawling behind a hedgerow, the slightly clever man ran across, and the stupid man carelessly strode across the field, whistling ten green bottles (sitting on a wall), and taking his time.

Now, two lesbians owned this field, and hearing the whistling, stopped the men. "You have been trespassing" they both said in unison. "...and for that you shall be punished." The Lesbians, not knowing that these men had just escaped from jail said, "We shall now legally (this was in Indonesia) remove your genitals in a manner according to your job."

The dumb man, not thinking said- "Oh yes, I'm a butcher!"-- they sliced his penis off like ham.

The slightly clever man was about to say that he was a chemist, but with thought that the lesbians might be in possession of sulphuric acid (remember that this was in Indonesia) said, "I'm a Lumberjack" - he wanted the pain to be quick.... and so it was. Just in one single chop.

The lesbians were enjoying this, and with smug faces (otherwise known as the Anne Robinson from Watchdog face) turned to the clever man, who said-with an equally smug face- "Oh me....I test lollipops."


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