Danny the Dog

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There was a man and his dog on a ship at sea. The ship wrecked and the only survivers were this man and his dog. The man manages to get a hold of some driftwood and floats to a local island. This particular island is filled with trees, fresh water, food and lots of sheep. But there are no people.

After a month on the island, the man starts to get lonely. He begins to look longingly at the sheep. He thinks to himself, "If only I could catch one of those sheep...." He starts to approach the herd when his dog Danny sees him and starts barking. "Woof! Woof! Woof!" All the sheep hear the barking and run away. The man is disappointed but decides to wait for a better opportunity.

While Danny was asleep, the man starts towards one of the lone sheep. Danny wakes up and barks, "Woof! Woof! Woof!" Again, the sheep hears the barking and runs away. By this time, the man is angry. He yells, "Stupid dog!" Everytime that he tries to catch a sheep, they are alerted by the dog.

A week later the man is walking along the shore when he sees a woman drowning. He swims out and saves her. Upon arriving on the shore, he notices that she is a very beautiful woman. The woman is so happy to be alive that she says, "Thank you! I'll do anything for you in return."

"Anything?" the man asks.


"Could you watch my dog, Danny, for an hour? I gotta go do something."


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