The Slow Speaker

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John and Steve were high school buddies. They have not seen each other since they both went to college. Five years went by and they ran into each other at a bar.

John spotted Steve first, "Hey Steve!" "Hey John! Long time no see!" John was surprised that Steve spoke smoothly without stutters--Steve has been stuttering since he was a child. "How did you fix your speaking?" "I went to the doctor and he said that if I speak really slow, I won't stutter! Did you hear? I almost got married!" "How did you ALMOST get married?"

"Well, I was sitting on the front porch with my fiance and the dog was sitting there too and he was scratching his back! Although I have to speak slow, I said to my wife: When we're married YOU can do that for me and then I pointed to the dog. But, because I talk so slow, by then he was licking his balls!"


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