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JFK Jr.'s Last Words: 1. "NO! Not that button!" 2. "I wish I hadn't bought this plane from John Denver!" 3. "Carolyn....your sister is a much better in bed than you'll ever be." 4. "I dropped my cigarette - it didn't roll over toward the gas cap, did it?" 5. "Geez. We almost hit that duck!" 6. "Ya know, we really should visit the family cemetery this year." 7. "If you had wings, dear, you'd be an angel." 8. "Do you remember the last time we met Princess Di?" 9. "Hmmm... I guess that I shouldn't have made fun of our first president after all" ______________________________________________________________

The Following are the three main causes of death in the USA Today: 1. Cancer 2. Heart disease 3. Being a member of the Kennedy family. ______________________________________________________________

Goodbye JFK (to the tune of... what else?... Candle In The Wind by Elton John) Goodbye, JFK, May you sink beneath the blue You were the face that graced the tabloids at the checkstand on aisle two. You bored us all to madness With your wife and your career, Now you feed the little fishies And the crabs nest in your ears. And it seems to me you flew your last, Like a Kennedy in the Wind Never grounding for the sunset When the fog set in! And your aircraft, did it fall here? Anong New England krill? Our interest burned out long before Your family ever will! A Kennedy we've lost But they've already got s dozen more And your family's mausoleum Comes with a revolving door! For another deader loaded in And even though we try We cannot but feign interest As the press parade goes by. So good bye, JFK, a kid who watched your Dad get whacked! And then your uncle, after him, You're another blue-blood kacked. So it seems to me you flew your last Like a Kennedy in the wind Never grounding for the sunset When the fog set in.


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