One Cold Blonde

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Once,a blonde named Shirly was trapped, all alone in a cold, cold place. She had no idea where she was. It was freezing, but she could do nothing. Just before she gave up all hope, she heard a voice. It was quiet and hard to hear. "There is a door infront of you," siad the voice. "Open it." Confused and excited, she asked, "God is that you?" But again, all she heard was, "There is a door in front of you. Open it." Thinking it couldn't hear her, she repeated, "God? Is that you?" Once more she heard, "There is a door infront of you. Open it." She was upset now. It couldn't hear her. So with all the energy she had left, she screamed, "Is that you God? Send me a message!" Then, the door the voice was talking about suddenly opend, and a light shone. There was a man standing outside of it. "No, I'm not God. I work here at this grocery store. Now get out of there, you're standing in the meat!"


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