Heaven's Gardener

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This is the story of Heaven's gardener. He is the one who cuts the trees and mowns the lawn up there... and he's about to get promoted, because he's been doing a very good job. He's going to become an Angel. For that, he will have to pass an exam very soon.

The same day, the Angel-In-Chief (AIC), which is a friend of his, comes to him and whispers, "Tomorrow, while you'll be mowing the lawn, Jesus will come and ask you three questions in order for you to become an Angel. And I know the questions! I can tell them to you!"

"Wow! Thanks AIC! What are these questions?" asks the gardener.

The first one is "What is the big boss's name?" And the answer is GOD. The second one is "Where do bad people go when they die? " And the answer is hell. The last but not least "What is an angel's job?" And the answer is "To protect people on earth."

"Thank you very much AIC!" says the gardener as he writes GOD, HELL, and TO PROTECT PEOPLE on his lawn mower just in case he forgets.

The next day, as predicted by AIC, Jesus come while the gardener is mowing the lawn. "I will ask you three questions, says Jesus. Here's the first one. Good luck! What is the big boss's name?" The gardener looks at his lawn mower and says "Uh.... God!" Good! Here's the second one, "Where do bad people go when they die?" asks Jesus. The gardener looks at his lawn mower and says "Uh.... Hell!" Very good! Now the last, "What is an angel's job?" asks Jesus. The gardener looks at his lawn mower and says "Uh.... To protect people!" Wow, very good! says Jesus, Here's a fourth one because you seem to know a lot! "Who were the first two humans on the planet?"

The gardener looks at his lawn mower, completely panicked from this question and suddenly says, "BLACK & DECKER!"


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