Naked On The Roof of The Hyatt!

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One day a women named Joan was staying in the Hyatt. She decided to go sun-bathe on the roof so she went on the roof in her bathing suit.

The next day she decided to sun-bathe again but this time she decided to go in the nude because no one would see her. So while she was up there she heard someone coming on the roof so she took her towel and covered her butt up because she had been lying on her stomach.

The man said, "Excuse me but would you mind putting your bathing suit back on?" The women asked why and he said, "I hate to say this but you're lying naked on top of the skylight of the dining hall!"


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by Jake H. 1+ years ago

I wouldn't have said anything lol

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by abby k. 1+ years ago

that is sooooo funny!

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by Dave M. 1+ years ago

lmfao thats hilarious

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C4D2D_Naked On The Roof of The Hyatt!

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