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Oh Britney Baby...

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Baby One More Time Parody (sing to the song Baby One More Time)

Oh Britney baby I think you're a sleazy ho Without a hint of talent Oh britney baby There's something wrong with your toe It's bigger than this planet

Surely, your hair looks unhealthy Your extensions look so fake And no, it don't look good

It's killing me And I, I must confess You sing off key (sing off key) Can't hit the right note in any line Why do you whine? You should practice overtime

Oh Britney, baby It's time that you told the truth Your first kiss ain't justin Oh Britney baby Please tell us that it isn't true, You're sleeping with your cousin

Truly, your eyes look so droopy We all wonder If you are an inbreed -- no one knows

Your ugliness is killing me And I, I must confess You're such a sleaze (such a sleaze) We see right through you, you're talentless Give it a rest All you do is flash your chest

Oh Britney, baby Your hair's been chewed by a goat Oh Britney, baby Theres something stuck in your throat

I must confess, that you're talentless It just blows my mind Don't you know i still believe That you're an inbreed And how you got signed Jive must have been deaf and blind


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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C4CBS_Oh Britney Baby...

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