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There once lived this man who had this certain parrot. One day, the man decided to let the parrot loose one day for a reward of good behavior.

The first place the parrot went was to a fair. As he was flying around he saw a person going to throw a bean bag at a target and heard the man who was working at the booth say, "Hit the target win a prize, hit the target win a prize!" Then he flew past a man hole and saw there was a guy stuck in the bottum of it and heard a person that was walking by say, "Get a rope get him up, get a rope get him up." Lastly the parrot flew by a house and saw a guy stuck on the roof. He heard a person say, "Get a ladder get him down, get a ladder get him down."

The next day was Sunday so the master took his bird to church. While the minister was preaching, a guy got mad and threw a book at the minister. The parrot then said, "Hit the target win a prize!" After that incident, the minister kept talking and said, "God is up in Heaven." The bird said, "Get a ladder get him down, get a ladder get him down." The minister continued and said," The Devil is down there." The parrot responded and said, "Get a rope get him up, get a rope get him up!"


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