Raisin Bread

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There once was a little bread shop not too far from a school. An extremely voluptuous, beautiful, long-legged blonde girl, who always wore very short skirts, worked behind the counter. One day after school, a boy stopped in at the little bread shop to get some raisin bread for his mother. The raisin bread was kept on the top shelf behind the counter, so the blonde girl had to climb a ladder to get at it. When the young boy looked up, he was thrilled and amazed at the sight of the blonde girl in her short skirt.

He told all his friends at school the next day. From then on, everyday after school, the boys would stop in at the little bread shop and order a loaf of raisin bread, one at a time. This soon became a daily occurrence.

One afternoon, while the blonde girl was perched on the ladder awaiting the arrival of the young boys, an elderly man walked into the little bread shop. Because she had her back turned to the store's entrance, she assumed it was boys who had arrived for their raisin bread. Without glancing over her shoulder, the unaware blonde girl reached for the bread and said, "It's raisin, right?" The old geezer stared in amazement at the sight of the blonde girl perched on the ladder, who didn't appear to be wearing any panties. As he adjusted his pant leg, he replied, "Raisin? no, but it's definitely twitchin'."


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