Can't Get the Coffin Door Close

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There was once a man who was having problems getting an erection. He went to his doctorto get some help.

Doctor: What's your problem?

Man: I am having trouble getting an erection.

Doctor: Ohh, that is a problem.

Man: Doc, can you help me?

Doctor: I believe so. There may be a number of reasons. What I would suggest is something called Viagra. It stimulates your hormones so that you will have an erection. I will give you a prescription for a week, then you will come back and tell me how it went.

Man: Thanks Doc, I hope it works.

A week later the man came back and he was obviously happy.

Doctor: So how did it go, did it work out?

Man: Doc, it worked great! Can you give me three cases of Viagra?

Doctor: Three Cases?! My god, what for?

Man: Well, I have to admit, I took the weeks prescription in one day and I am just now starting off it. I figure that with three cases, it'll last me the rest of my life.

Docter: Well, It's against my better judgment, but ok.

Two days later the doctor got a letter from the Man's wife:

Dear Doctor,

I am sorry to trouble you but something terrible, and tragic happened yesterday. My husband had finished taking all of his Viagra, and I have to say, it worked well. We were in the middle of the most passionate sex I have ever had, and as soon as he made me orgasm, he dropped dead.

We are having the funeral Friday, and I would hope you will see it fit to come and pay your respects.

Sincerily, Caroline p.s. There is a problem that you may be able to help with.

The following friday the doctor showed up at the funeral. The wife of the man rushed over to him.

Wife: Doctor, I need your help immeadiatly!

Doctor: What's the problem?

Wife: I didn't think it was a problem when his pants couldn't fit, so he is in his coffin with no pants, but....

Doctor: What is it?

Wife(bursts out crying): We can't get the coffin door CLOSED!


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