The Three Toilets

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A man goes into a toilet shop to get himself a new toilet. He asked the shopkeeper for a new toilet. "Well, we have three. The wooden toilet, the brick toilet and the singing toilet."

The man decides to buy the wooden toilet. He comes back one week later with the wooden toilet, asking for a refund. "What's wrong with the wooden toilet?" the shopkeeper asked. "It was fine until mildew started growing on it and when I shit they started growing on my ass."

The shopkeeper let the man choose another one. "I'll try the brick toilet." He comes back one week later with the brick toilet, asking for a refund. "What's wrong with the brick toilet?" the shopkeeper asked. "The bricks scratched my ass when I sat down." "Why don't you try our new singing toilet. I'm sure it has no problems." the shopkeeper said.

"Okay, I'll take it." One week later the guy came back, asking for a refund. "Why, what's wrong with it?" the shopkeeper asked him. "The problem is, every time I sit to shit, the toilet starts singing the national anthem, so I had to stand up."


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