Number One Customer

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During a job application, a boss of a successful company has space to hire only one more employee, but he has a tie between three people.

The boss places all of them in one room. He orders the first guy to tell him something about himself and to also give a reason why he shouldn't hire either of the other two guys.

The first guy says, "I have experience in selling goods. All I know is the third guy has a serious drug problem."

The boss moves onto the second person and says the same thing. The second guy replies, "I use to import and export goods. I believe the third guy started using drugs from high school."

The boss walks up to the third person and asks, "Do you know the other two candidates for this job claim you are a drug addict? Is this so?"

The third guy hesitates and answers, "Yes, but you can tell the both of them right now they've lost their number one customer!"


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