Duck In The River

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A guy was walking in the forest one day when he saw a river. The man didn't know how to swim so he just stood there for a few seconds. He looks down and sees a very old man leaning against a tree. The guy asks the old man if the river is deep. The old man said, "No, you could cross it with no problem. The guy steps into the water and as he starts crossing the river he falls into a hole. He can't swim and he is pushed around by the current. He is very close to drowning and he grabs on to a tree branch.

The guy walks back to the very old man. The guy screams at the very old man telling him that he is insane if he thinks the river is not deep. The guy tells the very old man about how he almost drowned. The very old man looked very puzzled. The very old man told the guy that 15 minutes ago he saw a duck in the river and the water only came up to its waist.


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C432M_Duck In The River

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