Seven Iron

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There was a golfer who was golfing and he was on the 9 hole. Now behind the 9th hole is the club house where his wife happen to be sitting. He was on the fairway about 150 yards away from the hole, so he asks his caddie what club he should use. The caddie says the seven iron. The golfer takes out his seven iron and hits the ball. The ball soars and misses the green and hits and kills his wife. This golfer was ruined he was depressed and hung up his clubs in the back of the garage.

Few months later the golfer meets a girl and later they get married. A couple years after he gets married he goes golfing again. He happen to get the same caddie and his new wife was sitting where his old one had. He teed off and landed on the fairway about 150 yards awayt from the hole and he asks his caddie what club he should use. His caddies says use the seven iron. The golfer just blows up, "Do you remember what happened last time? I was about here and you told me to use a seven iron, but I missed the green entirely!"


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