Up or Down?

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An elderly couple went on a cruise on a ship. They had a great room with alot of windows. One everning the man asked his wife, "Honey, would you like the windows up or down?" With that the woman took off all of her clothes and they had wonderful sex.

The next night, the man again asked, "Honey up or down?" The woman took off all of her clothes and they again had great sex!

The next night, the man asked the same question, "Up or down honey?" referring to the windows. The wife said, "Not tonight! No way. I guess you can take me right out to the water. I dont care!" She went on and on.

The man said, "Honey, what are you talking about? The last two nights in a row I've said up or down and you took off your clothes and we had great sex!"

The wife then said, "You asshole! I thought you said FUCK or DROWN!"


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