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Use the Spoon

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One evening a man and his wife went to a fancy restaurant for dinner. They were greated nicely at the door by their waiter and soon led to their table.

The couple placed their order but when the waiter returned with the food the man noticed a spoon in the waiter's pocket. The man dicided to ask, "What's with the spoon?" The waiter calmly replied that mostly when the customers dropped a utensil they would always drop a spoon. So instead of walking all the way back to the kitchen they would just take the one from their pocket and give it to the client.

The man was very impressed by the brilliancy of this time saving idea. The couple began and their meal and it was tasing delicious. About half way through their meal the man noticed something else about the waiter. He saw a string hanging out of the waiter's fly. The man asked the waiter, "What's with the string?" The waiter replied that in order to not waste time by washing our hands after we go to the bathroom we just tie this string around our dicks. When we have to go (for number one) we just unzip and release the string. The man was discusted so he said, "That's really sick, but I can see it probably would save some time. But wait! How do you stuff it back in?" The waiter replied, "I don't know what the other waiters do, but I use the spoon!"


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