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Help Get Laid

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One day two young high school girls were walking home from school when they passed a house where an elderly woman was sitting on the porch eating watermelon. One of the girls happened to notice that the woman was not wearing any panties, which was not hard to ignore seeing as how the elderly woman was sitting in a dress with her legs spread wide open.

"That is so disgusting, how can she do that, just sit there for all the world to see." whispered one of the girls to the other.

"I wonder," said the other quizzically. "if that helps her get laid."

"Hey, that might not be a bad idea, I haven't been laid in a month, let's ask her."

So the two girls walk up the steps. One of the girls address the older woman. "Pardon me ma'am, we don't mean to be rude, but we couldn't help but notice that you are sitting out here without any panties. We just wanted to know if that helped you get laid."

The older woman thought for a moment and then answered, "Laid hell, I wouldn't know, but it sure as hell helps to keep the flies off the watermelon."


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