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A young woman experienced car trouble late one afternoon. Luckily an old man in a tow truck stopped and offered help. Not knowing the area, she asked if he could repair the car. He agreed to do it and after hoisting the car up on the truck, the two of them took the car back to the old man's garage.

He looked at the engine and made an estimate about one hundred dollars more than she could pay at the time. "Darn. Just one hundred dollars? If you weren't such an old guy," she said, "I'd fuck you for the remainder of the bill." "Hell, I'll show you whose old!" the old man retorted. "Take off that dress and get on the car." She giggled as she slipped off her dress and eyed the old man after he dropped his pants. He was hung like a mule! "Oboy!" she thought. "Not only am I going to get a great discount on the repairs, I'm going to get the hell fucked out of me too." At that time she noticed the old man placing washers on the base of his dick. "Hey, what are you doing?" the woman asked. "Hell," the old man replied, "You think for just a hundred dollars, you're gonna get all of this?"


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