Once upon a time, there was an old miner who was traveling through the desert with his trusty mule of many years. All of a sudden the mule fell over dead. The old man buried his old friend and put up a cross as a grave marker. He wrote on the cross, "My Ass." Then he continued on his journey.

Years later a town grew nearby the grave. The road into town went right by the marker, so the town adopted the name out of respect for the dead mule. It had become somewhat of a historical site.

Then one day a traveling salesman who was lost wondered into the old desert town, but didn't notice the marker. He saw a man on the street and stopped to get directions. The salesman asked, "Could you please tell me where I am?"

"Sure," replied the old man. "You're right on the edge of My Ass."

The salesman was puzzled by what the man said, so he decided to ask someone else. He thanked the man and continued to what appeared to be the downtown area.

He saw another man walking down the street. He asked, "Please sir, could you tell me where I am, I seem to be lost?"

The old man promptly replied, "No problem young fella. You're right smack dab in the middle of My Ass!"

At this point the salesman decided that everyone in the little town was crazy and decided to leave. On the way out of town he spotted a seafood restaurant. He had become quite hungry, so he decided to get something to eat before traveling on to the next town.

The waitress walked over and asked, "What'll you have stranger?"

The man replied, "I think I'll have the crab platter."

The waitress replied, "I'm sorry sir, we're all out of crabs. My husband looked all over My Ass last night he found only two...and we ate them."


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