Bag of Sand for Lion

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Three guys, a red head, a brunet, and a blond, are walking in the forest. The red head is carrying a rifle, the brunet a bottle of oil and the blond a bag of sand.

The brunet and the blond asks the red head, "Why are you carrying a rifle?" The red head replies, "If a lion were to chase me, I would shoot it."

The red head and the blond ask the brunet, "Why are you carrying a bottle of oil?" The brunet replies, "If a lion were to chase me, I would spill the oil on the ground and it would slip and fall."

The read head and the brunet asks the blond, "Why are you carrying a bag of sand?" The blond replies, "If a lion were to chase me, I would drop the bag of sand and I'd be able to run faster!"


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C3SUA_Bag of Sand for Lion

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