Potato Speedo

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A blonde American man went to Paris to a beach and saw all these beautiful women walking around yet none of them would even look at him. He was a pretty good looking guy so he didn't see what was wrong. He asked his interpreter what he was doing wrong.

The interpreter told him to get the smallest Speedo he could find and wear it to the beach tomorrow. He got the Speedo and wore it to the beach. Still nothing. He asked the interpreter what else to do. The interpreter said to get a potatoe and stick it down the Speedo. He ran down the street to the store and bought a potato. He put it down the Speedo and went back to the beach.

But this time people were staring at him and some laughing. He went back to the interpreter and said, "I've done everything you said, only now they're laughing at me. Whats wrong!".

"Sir, you were supposed to put the potato down the front of the Speedo!"


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