The Best Sheepdog Contest

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These two farmers are visiting the city to get their dogs relicensed, and get talking about whose dog is more intelligent. The first farmer says "My dog Fido is so smart, I can give him a whole string of complicated instructions, and he will carry them out in the exact order I say."

"That's nothing", replies the second. " My Butch is so smart he knows exactly what I need him to do from one instruction". So they decide to have a contest. The first farmer unleashes his dog and says, " Fido, go back to the farm and run up to the third paddock behind the barn. Go and find that one sheep with the tuft of black wool behind his ear, drive him into town, make her walk around the truck three times and then put her in the passenger seat. Go now."

Fido takes off and 20 minutes later arrives with the correct sheep which he makes circle the truck, before picking it up with his nose and tossing it into the passenger seat.

" Impressive", says the second farmer. " But watch this. Butch, I'm a little hungry." Butch runs off and comes back with a pile of sticks. He takes off again and brings back a pot full of water. He rubs two sticks together, lights a fire and puts the water on to boil. As it boils, he runs off and returns with an egg which he puts in the water. Exactly four minutes lter, he nudges the pot over, extinguishing the fire, pushes the egg to his master's feet, and does a head stand. "Amazing" says the first farmer. " He is incredible. But why is he standing on his head?"

"Easy" says the second, " He knows I haven't got an egg cup."


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