1999 Darwin Awards

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You have read the other Darwin Awards, Darwin Award is anual so here is The 1999 Darwin Award even better:

A Over Zealous zookepper named Fredreich was the 99 winner here is his story:

In his Zoo Fredreich had a 21 year-old Elephant that just happend to be Constipated that fateful day. Fredreich had given the ailing Elephant loads or berries and animal laxitives when he was heading around back to give the elephant an Olive Oil Enima. The Elephant proceded to releve his bowls on him. The force of the shit on impact knocked poor Fredreich unconcous. Since no one was around, the Elephant continued to releve his bowls on Fredreich, unnoticed, by the time police arived Fredreich had suffocated under 200 pound of elephant shit.


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by Brett M. 1+ years ago

OK, not a bad joke but seriously, run spell check once in a while!

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C3NXY_1999 Darwin Awards

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