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Demanding Bride

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An exteremly beautifull girl wants to get married to a man of her choice. She has so many demands among which the groom has to be filthly rich, buys her diamonds every month if not every day and most importnat of all be equiped with a 50-inch dick!

She plces a small ad in the news paper stating, "A beautiful girl looking for the man of her life." She appoints 3 days for interviews with potential husbands. A huge number of men are lined up to meet with the dream girl. One goes in and immediatley leaves, the secone goes in and does not stay any longer and so on until there is only one man left to see the how desperate bride to be! So the man goes inside and the bride to be starts announcing the list of her demand:

She: "I want a very rich man." He: "Quite easy, you've got it." She: "I want a diamond every week." He: "Quite easy, you've got it." She: "I want to have sex at least three times every day." He: "Quite easy, you've got it." She: "I want a man with 50" dick." He: "Quite difficult, I do not know where I can have it shortened!"


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: sex, sexuality





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C3N4O_Demanding Bride

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