Doughnut-Delivering Guard Indicted For Bribery

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BOSTON (Reuters) - A prison guard who allegedly smuggled pizza, doughnuts, cigarettes and Tylenol to an inmate in exchange for roughly $4,000 was indicted by a Massachusetts grand jury, Attorney General Thomas Reilly said Thursday.

John Lennon, 52, a guard at the state prison in Norfolk, Massachusetts, faces charges of bribery and delivering contraband to an inmate. He allegedly provided the illicit snacks and other items to a 41-year-old inmate between June and October 1998, Reilly's office said.

Lennon also promised the inmate's wife that her husband would receive extra protection, Reilly's office said.

The prisoner, behind bars for multiple larceny convictions, was serving time in a special area of the prison for inmates who pose a security risk, have discipline problems, or are under investigation, Reilly's office said.

According to the Norfolk County grand jury investigation, Lennon proposed the arrangement to the inmate, who directed his wife to pay the guard.

Bribery carries a maximum three-year prison term, while delivering contraband to a prison carries a maximum five-year sentence in Massachusetts.


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