Birthday Gift

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Bob and Gloria were together for 4 years. It was Gloria's birthday. Every year bob would take her out to a fancy restaurant, to a movie, and he would give her tickets to a basketball game. Gloria remembered this and was not all that interested in basketball. she wanted to say something to Bob but didn't want to sound like she was unappreciative. So she decided to give them to her parents this year.

So Bob took her out to dinner and a movie. As usual he gave her an envelope with tickets inside.

The next day as she had planned she went over her parents house. She gave them the envelope and told them to have a nice time.

Two weeks later her parents came over thanking her. Telling her that was so nice of her to do something like that for them.

Gloria said, "In that case I can give you the tickets every year. Gloria's mom replied, "Honey tickets to a cruise every year would be very nice. What did bob get you for your birthday?"


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