You Are It!

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A man was driving along a dusty road, when all of a sudden he ran out of gas. The man walked to the nearest house and asked if he could get some gas. Just as he went inside the house, it started to pour rain. The owner of the house said, "you could stay for the night, but if you go into the garage, there is a monster there. No matter what you do don't touch it!"

The man agreed to this, and went up to the guestroom. The man was curious, so he went down to the garage, and sure enough there was the was huge and ugly. The man wanted to see what would happen if he threw something at him. So he picked up a rock and threw it at the monster..nothing, the man made a horrible face at him..nothing, the man tried calling him names..still nothing. Then the man reached over and touched the monster. The monster jumped and started chasing after the man. The monster chased the man all over the country side, until the man reached a cliff. The man thought that he was going to die, so he curled up and waited for the monster.

The monster reached down to him and said, "You're It!"


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