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The Annual Orgy Festival

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After receiving the good news from Richard about the orgy that was to be on Saturday, I became too anxious for the day. Indeed those days really moved fast and there it was; Saturday had come.

I heard the news that Lacy, Michelle, Natalie, Felicia and Robin were all to come along, so I opted not to tell the rest about the event. I wanted to enjoy it all alone.

The time reached and we all went into the motel venue. The girls around looked fantastic. The girls were directed to one room while the guys went to another. The plan was perfect, I got the idea that we were to be in separate rooms, undress and when the door was opened we would all rush into the girls' room. We would then use our healthy hard dicks to chew their tasty meat.

We waited for a few minutes when Richard walked in and shouted, "ARE YOU READY?" We all wailed back that we were. He announced that the time had reached for us to take off our clothes and got ready to fuck. My clothes left my body faster than lightning. He then flagged us off and rushed towards me.

"You'll be first to bend over, Louise," Richard said.

"Bend over?" I asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"Oh! Yes! Bend over! I think I told you that the gay society was having it's annual orgy festival. Didn't I?" He remarked.


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