The Pirate

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A guy walks into a bar. He looks over and sees a pirate sitting to the left of him. The pirate has an eye patch, a peg leg, and a hook for a hand. The guys asks the pirate, "You're a pirate aren't you?" The pirate replies, "I used to but now I'm retired."

The guy asks, "How did you get your peg leg?" The pirate replies, "I fell into the water and a shark bit my leg off right at the knee. But I got this great peg leg and it serves me well."

The guy asks, "How did you get your hook?" The pirate replies, "I was sword fighting and the lad cut my hand off right at the wrist."

The guy asks, "How did you get the patch?" The pirate replies, "Well, one day I was lying on board and a seagull came by and crapped right in me eye." The guy followed up, "But why did you have to get the patch?" The pirate replies, "It was the day after I got my hook."


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