Tell the Dean How You Feel

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Wouldn't it be nice to tell the Dean of your college what you REALLY think about him/her?

Well,... if you like YOUR Dean as much as I like MY Dean, then you'd better keep your mouth shut. I knew I'd get kicked out of the college if I expressed my true feelings, so I remained silent for the last four years. But yesterday was my graduation. And as I walked across the stage, the Dean handed my diploma to me (nicely scrolled and tied with a ribbon).

Once she handed it to me, I could finally tell that bitch what I REALLY thought about her. So I leaned across her podium and I looked her straight in the eye.

"Hey Bitch," I said. "You're so damn ugly... you could practice birth control just by leaving the lights on!" And then I walked off the stage, and went home. I gotta tell you that it felt just as good as I had imagined it would for the last four years.

Today, I unwrapped my diploma, framed it, and hung it in the living room, where it proudly exclaims to the world:

"In order to receive your diploma, please present this certificate to the Dean of your college after final grades have been posted!"


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by Grace M. 1+ years ago

You have the right to a opinion, so long as you keep it to yourself.

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by Amy Y. 1+ years ago

ooh... good luck

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by Matt L. 1+ years ago


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C3COE_Tell the Dean How You Feel

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