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Three men and a wizard

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One day three men, an American, a Mexican, and a Polish Guy, were standing at the bottom of a large mountain. When all of a sudden, a wizard came up to them. He said that whichever one of the three men could perform the tasks he had for them the fastest would become rich and famous. Well, the American said to tell them what the tasks were, and then he'd try. "Ok, you gotta go up the mountain, kill the lion and fuck the lady, then come back down. The one who does it the fastest wins." The American went up first, killed the lion, fucked the lady, and came back down. "Five Minutes. Very Good!!!" says the wizard. Then the Mexican went up, killed the lion, fucked the lady, and came back down. "Four Minutes. Even Better!!!!" exclaimed the wizard. Then the Polish guy went up. One hour went by. Two hours went by..... Three hour went by...... Four hour went by....... Five hours went by...... Then, after about six hours, the guy came down. Then he said.... "Ok, now where's that lady I gotta kill????"


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C3CLB_Three men and a wizard

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