The Next Best Thing

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Have you ever been into a bar where you never got what you wanted?

This guy went into a bar, sat down on a stool, and ordered a Bloody Mary. The bartender said, "Sorry, we don't have that, but we've got the next best thing."

The guy asked, "Okay, what is it," and the bartender said, "We've got a Harry Man." The guy said, "No thanks."

Then the guy asked, "How about a virgin?" and the bartender replied, "Sorry, we don't have that either. But we got the next best thing."

The guy asked, irritated, "Okay, what is it?" The bartender replied, "We got a Furry Belly."

The guy looked around and saw everyone drinking and said, "All right, fine, I'll have one."

So the guy had about five, and when he was finished the bartender walked over to him and told him how much he had to pay. He reaches deep down inside his pocket and pulls out a couple handfuls of food stamps. The bartender looked at the food stamps and said, "Hey, this isn't money!"

And the guy says, "I know, but it's the next best thing."


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