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Sittin' on the Toilet

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One day in the kindergarten class, the teacher asks everyone to write their name 5 times for homework. A little boy walks up to the teacher and says, "I don't know what my name is teacher." The teacher then told the boy, "Well, now your homework is to find out what your name is."

The little boy runs home and goes to his sister and asks her, "What is my name?" She was working on homework and was not paying attention to him. When she came across a really hard homework question that she couldn't get she said, "Shit! Shit!" Then the boy went away.

Next he went to his grandfather who was gambling on horses talking on the phone. Again the little boy asked, "Grampa, what is my name?" He had just found out that he had lost, so he said, "Fuck you!" and hangs up.

After a while, he went to the kitchen. His mom and his little brother was there. The little boy asked, "What is my name?" Mom was busy trying to get his little brother to eat. His little brother was playing with his Power Ranger figures and whined, "Power Rangers don't eat food!"

Later he went his dad who was in the bathroom. He asked, "What's my name?" His dad was reading his newspaper and started singing, "Sitting on the toilet, sitting on the toilet."

The next day in school, the teacher asks the little boy, "So what is your name?" The boy answers, "Shit! Shit!" The teacher gasps and said, "What did you just say?" The boy answers, "Fuck you!" The teacher, now in horror, said to the boy, "We'll talk about this at lunch time." The boy then said, "Power Rangers don't eat food." The teacher glares at the boy and asks, "Where did you hear about all of this?" The boy replies in a singsong voice, "Sittin' on the toilet. Sittin' on the toilet."


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