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After Halloween Confession

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A young blonde appeared at the confession box to make her weekly confession. "Father forgive me for I have sinned," she started. "What sin have you committed my daughter?" the priest asked. "My mind led my mouth and body to commit a sin," she answered. " Tell me about it," the priest inquired.

"As you know yesterday was Halloween." she continued, "I was out at night, taking a walk and dressed like Snow White, when I came across a group of tired people sleeping by a tree. One of them, the one dressed like a monk, had a very attractive crotch, which led me to have that very nasty idea. I tell you Father, never had I ever seen a bulge so big. I tried to ignore it, but the thought of giving him a quick blowjob was irresistible, so I did it. He did not seem to mind, so I went a step further and insert it in my wet and wanting zig-a-zig-zig then begun to ride. He suddenly woke up with a smile on his face and assisted me through to satisfaction. After we were through he told me that he had been a virgin and went further to ask me my name. So..."

"You told him your name is Lucy, didn't you?" the priest interrupted.


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C381P_After Halloween Confession

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